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Matthew [userpic]

George Carlin...
what the hell man?!

I was really saddened when I heard the news on the radio this morning.
I remember seeing him a few years ago in Greenville with my parents.
hysterically funny.
I know a lot of people found him to be crass, but the man was just truthful about a lot of things.
I loved his humour, and I will miss him.

Rest in Peace, George...


Why do I feel like this??: sadsad

I know.. it was totally crazy. Just after a show too...

I heard the news this morning. So sad! :-(

back? she's back? what??

no shit man? damn he was so awesome. unfortunately, i wasnt lucky enough to meet him or go see some stand up. however, one of my fave performances was his role as cabbie in the old flick Car Wash.

Re: back? she's back? what??

where the hell have YOU been??

yeah, erm.....sorry bout that.... ^.^;

hell if i know man! haha lol

I actually just got a job offer at an Elementary School- weird, right? I was going for middle school, but I guess this is just as good. Interview's Monday, here's to hopin!

Tell Erin I says hi and I miss her! ^____^

hope you're doing well too! *hugs*